SOLID DIVE CENTER EDITION ソリッド ダイブセンター エディション B.C.D.


The Solid?is a jacket specifically designed for dive centers?that value their image and their clients and divers who know how to appreciate the essentials in their diving equipment.

Simple, strong and effective, designed?thinking in the needs of diving centers and professional diving companies that require a reliable product, high strength and a contained cost.

Extraordinary size / lift capacity?ratio?thanks to its new pattern with oversized lateral lobes to?optimize the lift / size ratio?as well as the capacity of the pockets. Internal thermo welding with sectoring tubes to optimize the lift capacity:?Size XXS 8 Kg, size XS 12 Kg, Size S 14 Kg, Size M 16 Kg, Size L 19 Kg, Size XL 22 Kg.

Great capacity pockets with 8pitch zip closure.

Cordura 500 Denier.?Cordura provides greater resistance to erosion due to long-term friction and prolong the duration of the thermo welding as it is harder than Nylon. This feature is especially important in diving centers where the inflating of the bcd is repetitive and frequent up to the limit of its capacity.

Integrated compartments for fixing the pressure gauge and the Octopus, very useful especially for diving centers.

Size shown on the shoulder pad.?It allows a better management of the stock of school equipment and rental in diving centers.

Inflator with double air filtering system?under the connecting stem of the hose and around the valve.?Easily disassembled for small cleaning operations,?even at the beach (sand infiltrations, etc). Rubber hose with clamp to fix the inflator hose.

Anchoring flap?for the inflator hose in thermoplastic rubber.

Independent ventral strap separated from the inflatable bag and sash. It allows the limit to fit with the deflated vest without inflating pressure in the stomach.

Elastic chest strap?with integrated whistle.

Lean backpack with reduced thickness?to the maximum to lighten it. Very resistant and semi-flexible material.?Shock absorber in thermoplastic rubber?for better fixing of the tank. It is possible to use double tank strap. Includes safety strap for fastening the bcd to the tank valve.

Reinforcement in the neck?to avoid possible tears due to falls of tanks when the bcd and regulator are mounted.

Two dump valves (by puller)?and overpressure plus another dump valve on top of the inflator hose with non-return valve.

D rings?located at the shoulders and two more front side rings.

Very aggressive retail price.

Special wholesale price for school and rental operations.

Sizes froma XXS to XL



商品コード : crs-SOLID
製造元 : Cressi-sub s.p.a
Cressi Japan 希望小売価格 : 43,340
価格 : 円(税込)
ポイント : 201
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